Learn more about Dropi
Learn more about Dropi
Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil from the coasts of Iceland’s oldest fishing community
Taking Dropi is for me like brushing my teeth. I can‘t imagine being without this “potion from the ocean“. It gives me energy, happiness and clarity in my mind.
Ólafur Stefánsson, former professional handball player and captain of Iceland
I feel physically better after I started using Dropi. My oxygen intake is better which is key to having a good stamina. I feel I‘m recovering faster when I‘m injured and the vitamins and the fatty acids help my body recover faster after difficult training sessions.
Vilborg Arna, first Icelandic woman to climb Mount Everest
Early in the morning fishermen in Bolungarvík bait their fishing lines before they sail out to the fishing grounds on their long liners.
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