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Dropi Cod liver oil is exclusively cold processed from fresh cod, caught daily from the clean fishing grounds of the North-Atlantic Ocean.

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Dropi is located in Westfjords, northwest of Iceland.

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The word Dropi comes from Old Norse and means a drop.

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Earliest known documentation of the oil is in the tithe laws from 1096.

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In Iceland, fishermen used to store livers in a container or bury it in a hole in the ground outside their homes.


Ólafur Stefánsson

Former Professional Handball Player

Ólafur Stefánsson is a former professional Icelandic handball player. He was the national team captain for many years and is arguably Iceland‘s best ever handball player.

Ólafur had a great career and won many major trophies. He won league championships in every country that he played in; Iceland (5x), Germany (1x), Spain (4x) and Denmark (1x). He won the Champions League four times and the EHF cup twice, among many other accolades.

One of Ólafur‘s biggest achievement was when he captained the Icelandic national team to the final of the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing. Even though the Icelandic national team lost in the final against France, this is undoubtedly considered one of the greatest achievement in Icelandic sports history. The entire men’s handball team was granted the Order of the Falcon, the highest national award, for the achievement.

Ólafur Stefánsson retired from handball in 2013.

Andri Rúnar Bjarnason

Football (Soccer) Player at Helsingborgs IF

Andri Rúnar Bjarnason is a professional football (soccer) player, playing for Helsingborgs IF in Sweden. He grew up in the Westfjords of Iceland and played with the local BÍ/Bolungarvík (now Vestri). He played 164 games and scored 71 goals for his boyhood club, and is still the team‘s all-time top goalscorer.

In 2012, Andri attended college in the US and played one season with North Carolina Wesleyan College. Andri scored 14 goals in 15 games and was named USA South Rookie of the year honors and to the All-South Atlantic Region Second Team.

In 2017, Andri tied the single-season goal record in the Icelandic Premier League, when he scored 19 goals in 22 games and was the league‘s top scorer.

The season after, Andri signed for the Swedish club Helsingborgs IF, then in Superettan. In his first professional season, Andri was Superettan‘s top goalscorer, when he scored 16 goals and helped Helsingborg win the league and promotion to Allsvenskan.

Andri has played 5 times for the Icelandic national team and has scored one goal.

Vilborg Arna Gissurardóttir

Adventurer/mountain climber

Vilborg Arna Gissurardóttir is an Icelandic adventurer/mountain climber. In January 2013, she was the first Icelandic person to ski solo from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole – traveling over 1140 km to reach the South Pole, 60 days after her journey started.

In 2014 she attempted to climb the seven summits in one year. After 10 months, she had climbed 6 of them, with Mount Everest the only one left. Unfortunately, a big avalanche fell and killed 16 Sherpas so she had to cancel the climb.

In 2017, Vilborg managed to reach the summit on Mount Everest and was the first Icelandic woman to achieve that. Of course, she brought a bottle of Dropi with her to the summit!

The Team Behind Dropi

Our Team

Anna Sigríður Jörundsdóttir

Co-founder of Dropi

Role at Dropi: In control of manufacturing facility, as well as producing the Dropi Fish Oil.


  • B.ed. in Teaching (Iceland College of Education, 2002)
  • B.Sc. in Business (University of Akureyri, 2012)
  • MBA (University of Iceland, 2011)

Lives in: Bolungarvík, Iceland.

Birgitta Baldursdóttir

Co-founder of Dropi

Role at Dropi: In control of Research and Development.


  • M.Sc. in Exercise Physiology  (Ohio University, 1986),
  • MBA (University of Iceland, 2011)

Lives in: Garðabær, Iceland.

Sigrún Sigurðardóttir

Co-founder of Dropi

Role at Dropi: In control of finance, as well as producing the Dropi Fish Oil.


  • B.A. in Library Science (University of Iceland, 1985)
  • B.Sc. in Business (University of Akureyri, 2012)
  • MBA (University of Iceland, 2011)

Lives in: Bolungarvík, Iceland.

Óttar Kristinn Bjarnason

Director of Sales and Marketing


  • B.Sc. in Business (University of Iceland)
  • IPMA Certified Project Management Associate (Level D, 2018)

Ragnar Jóhannson

Advisor and Specialist

Education: PhD in Physical Chemistry (Uppsala University, 1993)

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